The Inquisitive Outsider


Time After Time NFT

Created by Sonia Gi

Time After Time NFT

Commissioned from the extremely sought-after Collage Artist Sonia GI, the Outsider collection presents to you, Time After Time.

Inspired by the concept of Art & Technology, the Venezuelan native locked herself away for 40 days and 40 nights, taking her time, meticulously chipping away at what will surely be her greatest pice to date.

This is The Outsider Collection's first minted NFT.

The Wall of Daisies

Created by CelCicekli

Simple Things in Neural Style


2926x3993px, ink and acrylic, Neural Style Transfer has been applied to increase the strength of the strokes around the face of the subject.

This is The Outsider Collection's first NFT purchase on Opensea. Our plan is to purchase all 15 Mints because of the value we feel it holds, but we wouldn't be mad if you decided to acquire some for yourself. This is a standout piece from the artist. The finest of the fine art. One day it will reside in a museum on the other side of the continent. We'll make sure of it. Here's the link.

About Simple Things in Neural Style:

This collection contains digital art created by using neural style transfer applied on digitally modified pictures or digitally modified human drawings. The neural network used is customized for the purpose of obtaining special effects, sometimes more than one style is applied to obtain a desired unique effect.

It is important to state that, differently from other collections that purely focus on the AI component, the art here is not purely generated: the filters and/or the basic drawings are hand-made and then combined by means of neural style transfer.

BAI Artwork: Block # 1,000,000

Created by 031800


This is an art piece from The Original Block Collection by Blockchain Art Institute, celebrating the creation of Block # 1,000,000, which occurred in block number 1000000 on the Ethereum blockchain.

Originally, this piece came with a rarity index of 11. It means that, upon the debut of the Original Block Collection, it existed in 11 copies. However, starting April 18 2021 it has an updated rarity index of 8. That is due to the fact that the Institute has burned all of its work with rarity indexes of 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7. That means that there will ever be only 8 copies of this art piece.

About Blockchain Art Institute:

Blockchain Art Institute is an institution born on the intersection between the physical and the digital, the old and the new, with a goal of immortalizing our common blockchain history, one block at a time.